About Us

Know the Truth is a teenage substance abuse prevention program of Adult & Teen Challenge of the Midlands. We work with our communities to help prevent teenage substance abuse and harmful behavior by sharing our own real life struggles. We boldly present our stories with information about the dangers of alcohol and drug use. Through interactive learning methods, we reinforce health class curriculum and increase student awareness of the physical, emotional, and intellectual dangers of drugs, alcohol and other harmful behaviors.

Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge launched the very first Know the Truth Program in 2006. They've conducted over 5,500 presentations to over 260,000 students, parents and educators.

Using the same model, we work with schools, parent groups and community organizations to relate, engage, and inform. We cater our message to the specific audience with whom we're speaking. By pairing our authentic stories with elements of traditional alcohol, drug, and harmful behavior prevention programming, we can change attitudes and in turn, affect behavior.

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