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A short time ago, we were you. We know it isn’t easy. There are lots of influences and pressures. They come from family, friends, teammates, teachers, social media, and at times, it seems like all of the above, all at once!

Know the Truth isn’t here to add to that pressure. We are here to share our personal stories of the choices and decisions we’ve made in regards to drugs and alcohol and the real life impact it has had on our lives and the lives of those around us. We believe that if you hear both sides of the story, you’ll be better informed, and then will be in a better position to make better choices for yourself.

Many of us became the stereotypical addict: we were in poor health, we became criminals, and we destroyed relationships with everyone we loved. However, we didn’t start that way.  We started out just like you - as students. We were in sports and plays, had part-time jobs, spent the night with friends and complained about homework. We had hopes, dreams, and plans for how great our lives would become.

We want to share those stories with you. The good, the bad... and everything in between. We want to share with you the choices we made and explain the consequences of those choices. If you further questions, feel free to contact us. We also have compiled some great resources for you. Take some time to review them and don't hesitate to contact one of them if you need too.